The Count as of 01 March, 2014

All 50 states in the United States are represented in my collection, from South Dakota (1 card) to California (311 cards),as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica..

When  I first started collecting, I would actually open bank accounts just to get a card. As you can imagine, that was a fairly slow process. I would also beg friends and family members for their old cards.

When I had what I thought was enough cards to show I was serious about collecting, I started visiting various financial institutions. I would explain what I was doing and show them my collection. This worked surprisingly well, even the people who couldn't give me a card were usually very apologetic about not being able to help. Unfortunately, I soon ran out of financial institutions within an easy drive of the Detroit area (that's where I live).

So I started writing to financial institutions. This has been very productive as well as enabling me to correspond with a number of very nice people all across the U.S.

Also, I have removed any names (except my own) on the pictures of the cards. And if it is a debit card, I have removed the numbers on the card. If you run across any that I have missed, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks.

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